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My favourite room
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My room is to the right from the front door. My room is very large. Opposite the door is a window. On there are plants. They are very nice. To the right from the window is my bed. My favourite room is my room. It is room, where I spent much time. In this room I live with younger my brother. His name is Michal. He spends much time in this room too. In my room, I learn, sleep, sometimes I watch TV and I welcome my friends.

Bed is very comfortable. Above my bed there are two photos of my, when I was a child and two pictures. The other photos are photos of some children. To the left from the window is desk my brother. Next to it there is my brother´s chair. On his table there is always mess. On the brother´s table, we have a PC. On the PC I write my homeworks. To the left from the door is my brother´s bed. It is not as comfortable as my bed. Above brother´s bed there are two picture. On the pictures are photos of some country. Between my bed and brother´s bed there is my desk. Next to it there is my chair. On the table I do my homeworks. My desk is always tidied up. Under my table there is small dust bin. Above my table, I have a shelf. On the shelf I have got my cosmetics for my face, some photos of my good friends and a photo of my favourite rockband. My favourite rockband is Gladiator. On the photo there is autogram of Miko Hladký. On the shelf, I have got a jewels and a CD player. Next to it there are my CD´s. Behind the door there is a wardrobe. In the wardrobe there are my clothes to the right, and to the left there are my brother´s clothes. Next to the wardrobe there is bookcase, where I have my favourite book and an English dictionary.

In the middle of ceiling there is ceiling lamp. In the middle of the room on the floor is a floor carpet. The carpet is not throughout all over the floor. It is in the middle if the room.

I like my room because it is: large, sunny, roomy and cozy. Without doubt some of the happiest time of my life have been spent in this room.

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