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Mass media
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Information is very important for our ordinary live. The biggest and the most important sources of information are mass media, which consists of newspapers, magazines, radios, TV and internet. In these media you can find news, education, different informations...

They are the most common source of informations, because they are published every day.
The main section of the paper contains the most important news.
There are separate sections for home news and for international
news. In some the sports news and the business news are also in
the main section. They have also big sport selections, a lot of information about television programmes, famous people, ...

There are many weekly and monthly magazines. They are intended for people of various interests. Some of them are for women
 or for men. Magazines for children are usually about pop stars, music, ...

A lot of people like listening to the radio. Radio is very important source of inf. Radio is very
good source of music and various kinds of informations too. Through
them we have a better knowledge both of our own country and of
the rest of the world.

I think that TV is quite good source of information. You can get very cheep and fast summary of news. Every man can choose, what want see. We can see films, comedy, thriller, action films, adventure films, horor, romantic films, soap operas, news, sport, music, ...
Thus television plays an important role in our society. This role
is sometimes positive, but it can also at time be unhealthy.
Through television we receive images from all parts of the
world and our knowledge is better. But not all of television's
effects are beneficial. Whereas people spent the evenings working
or studying, many now spend a large part of evening watching

The internet:
The Internet is very huge, world-wide and very fast. There´re lots of information – more than in TV. We can find there everything if we know how to find it. There we can find a lot of information, listening to the radio, watching TV, play games ...
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