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Man and Nature
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Man and Nature We can live on this planet thanks to basic components which are needed for human existence - air, water and soil. We must care for nature and we don`t pollute her. Nature gives us many present: food, water, air... Each of us is responsible for the state of the enviroment. Smoke-stacks from huge chemical plants release into the atmosphere chemicals harmful to health. There are the problems pollution of rivers, seas, oceans and air. This arise diferent diseases. For example allergy, asthma, or cancer. It `s up to the scientists to solve the problems with polluted atmosphere and foul rivers. Acid rain is one of the most serious pollution problems. This acid rain kills fishes and trees. Throughout previous decades certain species of animals have vanished or become rare. Many of them are still victims of poachers. Town-dwellers soon begin to miss the world of nature. There is calm life, fresh air, kind people. We can to walk throught the woods. Areas with beautiful scenery are protected, they are nature reserves or national parks. This we preserve least some nice place in nature.
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