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Jobs and Professions
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We prepare and look for right job all our life. When we were children, we wanted to become teachers, doctors, knight, prince and princess. Every child has a dream, what she wants to do in the future. They are often influenced by fairy tales. When we are older, we want to become singers, actors, actresses or sportsmen.

When we grow up, we become more experienced, we gain more knowledge about ourselves and the society we live in. We gradually have an idea about what we would like to do and what job would be appropriate for us. We need a job in which we can show the most of our talent, as well as a job in which we can earn enough money for our life.

The time for this final decisions to be made is during primary school at the age of 14 or 15. We can go to a secondary school. We can go to the university then. Young people nowadays want to be lawyears, economists, managers, computer analysts, teachers and doctors.

You need certain qualities or character traits on the certain job. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you need patience and sensitivity. A teacher should be friendly, good at dealing with people, good at explaining things and have a strong sense of fairness. A computer analyst must be good at using computers, think logically and be flexible.

There are professions in which you need to have a special talent and determination. People like artists, photographers, designers and journalists cannot succeed if they are not talented. To do this type of work, you need to be independent and prepared to work irregular hours. You also need a good imagination and lots of creativity.

I will be a cosmetician. Today we live in the world where every woman would like to be attractive. We have a big choice of fashion magazines full of beautifully done models, which we try to imitate. Not to be ashamed of our hands and nails, toe nails, we need to visit both manicure and pedicure. And then goes our make-up. We spend hours in make-up departments trying to find right colours for our faces. There we need good fundation mascara, for eyelashes, pencil for eyebrowns, eyeshadows and lipstick or lipsglos. When a woman has a make-up, she can have her hair done in a modern way at a hair-dresser.
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