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This topic is very frequent in over the world, especially among the woman, who often cook, and give recipes and advices how to cook delicious meals to their friend. A lot of men love woman, who know cook. It is very interesting, that most chefs in famous restaurants all over the world are men.

People need to eat healthy, low-fat meals. Diet experts say we should eat a four or five times a day in small portions.

Every country has different eating habits.People in the world in generally eat a three meals a day:

a light breakfast, dinner or lunch – which is the main meal of the day and supper.

In the morning people usually eat a slice of bread with butter and cheese or ham, or toast with jam. It is very frequent type of breakfast. Some people drink on breakfast one or two couples of coffee to wake themselves up (na prebudenie), or one or two couples tea with lemon. Breakfast is base (základ) of all day. Breakfast is very important for people. Breakfast is served around 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.

The main meal of the day – lunch or dinner – is served around 12.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. People usually eat for lunch hot soup, for examle – vegetable soup, tomato soup...and a piece of meat or cheese with chips, rice, potatoes with vegetable garnish (zemiaková obloha). Sometimes people eat desert with lunch.

Supper (večera) consists of piece of pizza, pasta with sauce, vegetable salat and so on.

People drink all they and diet experts say we should drink around 2-3 litres of aqua. (tekutiny)

Brittish and American habits are very different.

Food Habits in England

People in England usually eat on breakfast more substantial (výdatnejšie) meal than in people eat in the other countries. For example the traditional English breakfast consists of fried bacon (slanina) with eggs, fried bread (vyprážaný chleba), buttered toast, bread and butter and marmelade, fried tomatoes, sausages, baked beans (pečené fazuľky) and they drink tea of coffee.

In Scotland breakfast consists of porridge with hot milk.

In my opinion meals for the breakfast should people eat less fried meals, because it is very heavy (ťažké) for their stomach. But now people do not eat only this meal, they eat a very frequent meal such as cereals with milk, croissants...

British people usually eat for lunch light meal, or packed lunch (which consists of two or three sandwiches brought (prinesené) from home. Working people and many students eat lunch during the pause, or time lunch. Now people do not have time to eat warm lunch and it is very bad. They usually eat a fast – food in the fast – food restaurant.

Sunday lunch is opportunities eat a lunch with whole family. It is a special lunch, when is served roast meat and vegetables and sweet course (dezert GB).

In the Britain people usually eat for dinner meat or fish with vegetable salad and then some desert.


Teatime in Britain is very popular. It is their habits. They usually drink two or three couple of tea. Now people have not time to drink tea. It is old habit it England.

Food Habits in America

The traditional American breakfast consists fruit juice, eggs, some kind of meat (bacon or sausage) and toast. On Saturday and Sunday they eat brunch – it is breakfast and lunch together. They eat brunch late in the morning.

American people have a short time to eat lunch. They usually eat quick meal in fast – food restaurant such as MC Donalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell or KFC...

People in America usually eat for dinner some ready – prepared meal and heated in microwave oven. They usually eat together.


The most typically American food is hamburger. The first hamburger was sold in 1948 in San Bernadino in California. It was sold in the first Fast Food Restaurant in the world. This hamburger was sold by Michael Donald. Today the name MC Donalds is on over 12 000 restaurants in 56 countries of the world.


People also eat (taktiež) snacks (desiaty) between this three meals. They usually eat chocolate, crisps, stick (tyčinky), wafers (napolitánky) and so on. They drink fruit or vegetables drink, jogurt drink, tea, ice tea, coffee, ice coffee, coca – cola, fanta, sprite, milk or hot milk and so on.


A lot of people have problem with their figure and want or must lose on their weight. They want to look better and they want to feel fit. They go to the doctor, which prescribe/order (predpíše, nariadi) some type of diet.

Food habits in Slovakia

Slovak people used to eat many floury (múčnaté), sweet and fatty meals such as dumplings (knedle, halušky), pastry (pečivo), fat pork (bravčové mäso) and sausages. Our food consists of more vegetables, fruit, light meat, poultry (hydina) and fish.

People in Slovak usually eat for breakfast similar thing than British people such as – bread with butter, ham, cheese, or jam...They usually drink a hot milk, cocoa (kakao), tea or adult people drink coffee.

The main meal of all day is lunch, for lunch people eat different meals such as soup, piece of meat with rice, potatoes, pancakes (palacinky), and so on.

The Slovak people eat for dinner some ligt such as pasta salat with vegetables, bread with butter, and so on.

The Slovak national meal is noodles, cabbage soup with mushrooms. It tastes really good. It is noodles with sheep cheese (bryndza). Slovak kitchen is very good and many people all over the world like Slovak kitchen. Traditional Slovak meals are noodles, pancakes, cake with marmelade, curd (tvaroh). Grandmothers like cooking. They cook for their grandchildren and so on.

My food habits

I usually eat snack at first. In the morning I do not have time to breakfast, when I go to the school. For snack I eat always bread with butter, ham and cheese or yogurt. Then I eat, when I come at home. I usually eat something, what my mum prepared. For example piece of meat with rice, potatoes, noodles, soup. My mum loves cooking. Her meals tastes very good, and I am proud of her.Later I eat a light dinner such as Nesquick and Chocapic, Cinni Minnies with milk, or pudding and so on. My mum cook the best puding, I know. Her pudding consists of pudding with butter, biscuit (piškóta) and some bottled fruit (zavárané ovocie).

I do not eat healthy, because my favourite meals are chocolate, crisps and so on. I eat a few soap. I have problem with my figure, I want lose on my weight around 5 kilograms, and then I will be satisfied with myself.

Favourite meals in the world

Favourite meals in whole world are pizza from Itally, China from China and so on. Every country has some special meal, which people like.

When we are hungry we can go to the restaurant, pizzeria, fast – food restaurant, cafes (kaviarne) and so on. Now exists a lot of type of restaurant with differnt countries habits.

Diet tips

People say: „Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner lika a pauper“. (chudák)

Scientists recommend (odporúčajú) to avoid (vyhnúť sa) eating after 6. p. m. If you want to loss on your weight, you should change your eating plans, you should exercise more, you should avoid eating some crisps, crackers and chocolate while watching TV. Suitable exercises diet are jump the rope, running, swimming and so on. If you want to be slim and fit, you should avoid fat meals too.

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