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Health care
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a) Humans body consists of a bony skeleton and muscles. There are 3 parts of the body: head, hull, hand and leg.

Head is covered by hair and it contains brain, the centre of the nervous system. On the face we have ears, forehead,cheek, eyes, eyebrowns, nose,chin, mounth, lips. In the mounth we have tounge and teeth. We have two sests of teeth in our life time. The first are the milk teeth and the second the permanent teeth.
Between head and hull is neck.
Parts of the hull are chest, breast, belly and spine.
The internal organs which cannot see are the lungs, heart, stomach, the liver, colon, thin bowels, kidney, vesica and genitals.
Parts of the hand are arm, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, palm, finger, nail.
Parts of the leg are thigh, knee, calf, angle, heel, foot, toes.
There are 230 bones in human body.
We have five sense are sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell.

blind – slepý
deaf – hluchý
dumb - nemý

b) Diseases – choroby

The human body has a natural defence system against diseases. Various bacteria and micro-organisms represent dangerous invaders, attempting to weaken and destroy our body. The most important for the defence of the human body are the white blood corpuscles, which transport oxygen. Most diseases can be prevented at at least controlled. What’s important is healthy nutrition, a well-adjusted mind, good sleeping habits, activity in the fresh air, and contact with nature, avoiding stress, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
Health is the most important thing in the world.

The gruesome diseases are leukemia, AIDS, heart attack or cancer
LEUKAEMIA – cause the increase of white blood corpuscles in number. The bone marrow is attacked.
AIDS- is one of the most serious diseases which threaten people nowadays. Is it the viral disease that impairs the immune system of the human body which thus can get any infection. Those infections which are not dangerous for people with normal immune system ay be mortally dangerous for AIDS patients. It involves infection with the HIV virus. The virus damages the immune system of the human body by infecting white blood cells. The symptoms are persistent fever, fatigue, weakness, diarrhea weight loss, infection of the mouth. There are more means of transmission. Some of the known ways are through sexual intercourse, infected hypodermic needles and from the mother to its fetus. The virus is not passed on through touching or shaking hands.

common diseases
-have a cold, flu, cough(kašeľ) bronchitis (zápal priedušiek), tonsilitis (angína), pneumonia (zápal pľúc), lack of apetite, vomit(vracať), heartburn (búšenie srdca), nausea, indigestion (porucha trávenia), constipation (zápcha), diarrhoea ( hnačka), ulcer (vred), appendicitis (zápal slepého čreva), jaundice(žltačka), backache, slipped disc (vyskočená platnička), be dizzy (mať závrat)

common children diseases-
-mumps, measles(osýpky), rubeola, smallpox (kiahne), chicken pox (ovčie kuahne), scarlet fewer (šarlach), polio (obrna), diphteria (záškrt), rabies( besnota)

mental disorders
-nervous breakdown, stress, depression, a headache, insomnia, suffer from nerves

types of doctors-typy doktorov
general practitioner, works doctor, family doctor, peadiatrist, surgeon, dentist, oculist, dermatologist, gynaecologist, psychiatrist,

what to do when we are ill- čo robiť ked si chorý
-stay in bed for a few days and sweat
-drink herbal tea with lemon and honey
-eat a lot of vitamines, fruit and vegetables
-don´t drink cold drink

Visit at the doctor´s
When you are ill, you have to visit a doctor. Everybody in our country has the right to choose a doctor. There are two types of them, state and private doctors.
When you feel unwell, you can see a physician doctor called General practitioner (GP).The doctor usually wants to know if we have a temperature and where we feel pain. Then he listen to our lungs and heart. Finally the dostor diagnose the case and prescribes a medicine. At the pharmacy we get antibiotics and vitamins.

c) Healthly lifestyle - zdravý spôsob života

-regular exercise
-plenty of rest
-enough sleep
-good eating habits – lot of fruits and vitamins, milk, meat for proteins
-no smoking and drinking alcohol
-avoid stressful situations
-check-ups at doctor, dental check-ups
-take vitamin pills, have a massages, sauna or steam bath
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