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Mass Media
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Information is very important for our ordinary live. The biggest and the most important sources of information are mass media. These consists of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and even the internet in the last years. In these media you can find everything you want.

Newspaper - The most common source of information. They are published every day. In British newspaper are different as our news. For example The Sun, The Mirror and Daily Mail are the most popular in Britain. Big pictures and short articles about celebrities and their scandals – this is tabloid or yellow press. We have tabloids too. Nový čas, Plus jeden deň, Star... In my opinion these news are not very quality. The serious newspaper in Britain called The Times. In Slovakia we have only a few serious newspaper. For example Pravda or Sme. These newspaper is about home news, foreign news, politics, sports, weather forecast and so forth.

Radio – The biggest source of information in audio form, and the biggest source of music too. In radio are a few redactors. They report to the people the latest news and they complete it with good selection of music.

TV – Audio-visual form of the latest news. We can see on the screen the most frequently two redactors – a woman and a man, they report to the people news complete with short videos, or reportage of terrene.

Internet – In this time most of the people have entry to the internet. On the internet we can find everything we want. Internet is actually the summary of all mass media. We can find there the weather forecast, home and foreig news, sport, information about celebries etc. But the internet can be dangerous too. The most for the small children or teenagers. They can find on the internet some private, exclusive pages with erotic content. This pages are not enough secured and everyone can see this content.

My point of view is, that without mass media we cannot live, because we are very interested about various information and we will have very boring life without these.

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