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Young people and society
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When we are speaking about young people, we have to realize that there are two different kinds of people. We divided young people into teenagers (from 13 years old till 19) and those between 20 and 30 years old.

Teenagers are the special group, because they are not children anymore, but neither adults. It is very important for them to have many friends and have fun. Mode, clothes and appearance are important too. Many adults say, that teenagers have not too much responsibility or duties like they have, and that they have no problems. I am 17 years old girl and I belong to teenagers. I think every generation has its own problems. But sometimes we have more strength to face the troubles.

The life of a teenager is connected with school and mates, different relations between them and people of another sex. Their opinion is usually an opposite to their parent’s opinion and that is the good reason to argue. These conflicts effect that parents do not give them pocket money and they have to find a job. Because of the school, teenagers cannot have a job, in which they should spend more than probably four hours per day, they usually work during the weekend or after the school ends. Teenagers spend their free time in different clubs, pubs and restaurants. Some of them like sitting at home, reading a book, watching the television or using instant messanger on the internet. Teenagers think that parents do not have comprehension for them often. They are often influenced by parents too and young people hate it. They find comprehension between friends. When they finish their schools, they have to make decision, what they are able to do. Those, who want to live independently, rent a flat together with their friends. I think it is good way to learn how to live independently. A man can get more of responsibility.

People from the second group can be also determined into two groups. One group includes young people, who are still on college. They study and work to earn their living. The second group is original adults who have finished their school and reached the real life.

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