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My dream house
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My dream house

I would like to present you my dream house, some details of it, and everything what is connected with it. So, I would start with type of a dwelling, where I would like to live.

In my view, I would like to live somewhere here, near my parents and near Poprad, the closest town to me. But I am not sure, where I would live, if I marry my boyfriend, because he comes from Kováčová, near the town – Zvolen.

I would like to live in a flat /AmE an apartment/, I think, the flat would have about two rooms, with a kitchen and a bathroom, I think, this flat would be enough for me and my boyfriend as a start into a real life.

Later when we will have a child, or children, I would like to move to house, suburb or to countryside, but near the town. In my opinion, type of my dream house could be detachted house, with a small garden and terrace. The house would have a groundfloor and first floor and attic. The house would have a big living room connected with kitchen, the interior would be from wood and natural.

I imagine nice, homely /AmE homey/ and warm kitchen with a built-in cupboard, electric stove with lot of coloured cups, saucers, plates, bowls and crockery, and I would like to have coffemaker. The kitchen would have stone pavement and a hairy carpet.
The kitchen would be a place, where would my family solve the problems and spend most of the time together.

The living room would have a big corner couch with pillows, it means seat cushion, and tea-table, with a little library, the TV set with wireless set and many photos of our family and friends on the walls. There would be a fireplace and in front of the fireplace two big uphostered armchairs with skep of wood.. A floor near the fireplace would be stone, and the rest of the floor would be wooden.

The stairs would be wooden, and on the walls along the stairs would be a library with many books and cds and dvds. /You can see these book-shelves in a bookshop called Christiania in Poprad/

The upstairs would have /if we have 4 children/ at least three bedrooms plus a workroom and of course a bathroom. The chidren´s rooms would look like according of sex our children. But in my view the children´s rooms would be furnished with wooden and natural furniture, in natural colours /AmE color/, the rooms would have a coloured walls, it means not white /because white colour is classic, and it does not look cheerful/. Children would make their own decorations, for example: a rim for a photo, or some bracelet on hand, decorated T-shirts and work with paper, leaves, cardboard, stones, conkers for making decorations in our house.

There would be of course a wardrobe, next to the bed a dressing table with reading lamp, chest of drawers, writing desk with chairs, and floor would be from wood with a hairy carpet.

Our bedroom would have a nice large bed with dressing tables, chest of drawers and table mirror, there would be curtains and a wardrobe. Floor would be wooden with a carpet. The bathroom would have a bath and shower, washbasin, shelves full of towels, and bath towels. The colour of bathroom might be dark blue, or dark green. The workroom would be furnished according to my husband. All rooms would be furnished tastefully and comfortable as well.
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