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Culture and art
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Culture and art


In a village people have few opportunities to have a rich cultural life. In every village is a cultural house, where are discos every weekend or some performace in a theatre. In our village we celebrate in cultural house the mother´s day, the children´s day or village´s festivals and fairs. We have memorable room of Ján Palárik too. He was born in our village and he was an important writer.


A town means a place where all kinds of cultural activities are concentrated. There we can experience fairs and festivals, performaces of dance and music groups, exhibitions of well- known and novice painters, photographers and other artistic are held here.

Every town has cinema, where people go for amusement in their free time. The cinemas were often packed and tickets were sold out, but today people have less free time and are lazier. They prefer watching television or video to going to cinema. I prefer going to cinema to sit at home. Before I decide to go to the cinema, I choose the films very carefully. I don´t like violence and blood and I am lover of witty and romantic comedies, psychological dramas and films about young people. I never go to see a film based on a story after I have read the story because then I am usually disappointed by the film. I prefer foreign films which are not dubbed but provided only with subtitles because it is a good opportunity for me to test my knowledge of foreign languages.

Small town provide little opportunity to see theatre performaces. There is not a permanent theatre building and so when theatre companies come to give a performace here they act on the stage of our cultural house. I like going to the theatre, the opera or to a ballet because I like an atmosphere of the theatre.

In the cultural house dancing lessons, discos, balls, concerts and book sales are also held. When I was in the second class I took dancing lessons with my schoolmates. We learned standard dances, such as the polka, Viennese waltz, waltz, foxtrot or tango and Latin American dances, such as the jive, rumba, cha cha, and some disco and modern dances. Now I have no time for the dancing.

Concerts of classical chamber music and recitals are held in the concert hall in the Town Hall. Pop music concerts are usually in the cultural house.

In the town we can also go to a museum or exhibitions of paintings. In museums and art galleries are displayed sculptures  and paintings. We look at statues cut in sandstone, granite or marble, carved in wood, moulded in clay, plaster or bronze. We find there paintings too (landscapes, portraits and sketches) painted with oil or watercolours.

Several times in a year a circus comes to our town. We can there see various kind of animals, which achieve all sorts of things. For example a bear which know to ride a bicycle or monkey which like dancing...

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