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Informal letter
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Dear brother,

Thank you for your letter. I´m sorry, that I haven´t written you sooner, but there were so many problems I´ve had this week.
For example: did you hear about what happend in the Slovak National Security Agency? It is totally disgusting. Institution, which should have the most advanced security technologies has problems with providing its own safety?! „There were some problems, but we have already taken neccesary steps to avoid future problems...“

Mr Johnes Riddley, don´t make me an idiot. Everybody knows that still everyone can, also at the moment, access to all yours computers via internet. And how? Simple try password “snsa123“(Slovak National Security Agency 123) and you´re in a big database of secrets from all parts of Slovakia. Therrible, isn´t it? I hope you had better time as I.

And what about Jane? How is she? I heard she is very succesfull in her new job. When you come into Bratislava, we can talk about it deeply. I am sure it will be very interesting for you.

I am looking forward to meeting you as soon as possible. Give my loves to our family.

Best wishes
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