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Culture and art
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Culture and art


Painting in art, is the practice of applying color to a surface such as paper, canvas, wood, glass, lacquer or concrete. When used in artistic terms, "painting" means also the use of this arts activity in combination with drawing, composition and other aesthetic means in order to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner. Paintings can be naturalistic, representational, photographic, abstract. A large portion of the history of painting is dominated by spiritual motifs and ideas. A person who creates paints is called a painter. There are many classical painters that you probably know, like Picasso known for his cubism, Monet for impresionism and also Leonardo da Vinci and his Mona Lisa.


Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping hard or plastic material, commonly stone (either rock or marble), metal, or wood. Some sculptures are created directly by carving; others are assembled, built up and fired, welded, molded, or cast. Sculpture is the majority of public art. A person who creates sculptures is called a sculptor. One of the most important sculptors were Donatello and Michelangelo.


The term architecture can be used to mean a process, a profession or documentation. As a process, architecture is the activity of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures by a person or a machine, primarily to provide socially purposeful shelter. Architecture is the activity of designing any kind of system. As a profession, architecture is the role of those persons or machines providing architectural services. As documentation, usually based on drawings, architecture defines the structure or behavior of a building or any other kind of system that is to be or has been constructed. Historical civilizations are often known primarily through their architectural achievements. Such buildings as the pyramids of Egypt and the Roman Colosseum are cultural symbols. Cities, regions and cultures continue to identify themselves with their architectural monuments.

Film festivals:

A film festival is the presentation or showcasing of films in one or more movie theaters. Film Festivals are typically annual events. Most film festivals require filmmakers to pay an entry fee to have their works considered for screening. This is especially commonplace among larger film festivals, such as the Cannes Film Festival or Toronto International Film Festival. However, not all film festivals require an entry fee. Rotterdam Film Festival, for example, does not charge an entry fee to submit work.

Music festivals:

A music festival is a festival oriented towards music. They are commonly held outdoors. During the Middle Ages festivals were often held as competitions.


Folklore is the body of expressive culture, including tales, music, dance, legends, proverbs, jokes. The academic and usually ethnographic study of folklore is sometimes called folkloristics. The word 'folklore' was first used by the English man William Thoms in a letter published by the London Journal in 1846.

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