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Education in the Slovak Republic

Jan Amos Comenius is known as the instructor of the nations. A child from one to three years of age can attend a day nursery and from three years of age a kindergarten. The tutor teaches his wards the general principles of the alphabet and of mathematics. After enrolling in the nine-year elementary school, six year-olds begin their compulsory school attendance. The school year begins on Septemper 1st and finishes on June 30th. Children learn to read, write and count, they learn about history, geography, the natural sciences, the fine arts. At the end of each school year pupils get reports. Then we have two months of holidays. We also have Christmas, Easter, spring holidays and a few free days on state holidays. In the final year of the elementary school pupils need to choose his future occupation. They can study at some secondary school - industrial, medical, economic or an apprentice training centre, or some art school.

Grammar School prepares students for university studies. At the present time there are also private and religious schools. Secondary school studies last for four years. At the end students must pass a graduation examination consisting of oral and written parts. They graduate from four or five subjects. From each subject a student selects one question and answers about 15 minutes. The graduation examination committee rules as to how we performed. We are offered a second chance in September. If we want to study at a college or university, we must pass the entrance examinations and degree.

Universities have several levels. The lowest, lasting three years, is the bachelor´s degree. We can study at a teacher´s college and we obtain the title of masters, or we can study at an economics or technical college and we obtain the title of engineer. The completion of studies is marked by a graduation, where we get a diploma. Our universities are the Komensky University in Bratislava, the P. J. Safarik University in Kosice, the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, the Technical University in Kosice... There are driving schools for learning how to drive any kind of vehicle. Each pupil must pay tuition. After the final exam he get a driving licence. There are also special schools that prepare children with mental or physical handicaps for normal life.

When I was a child, I attended kindergarten. I used to play, draw, sing, go for walks with my friends and the teacher. When I was 7 years old, I started to attend elementary school. I enjoyed physical education and art. I think that secondary school education is very important for one´s life. I enrolled this secondary school because I would like to be a businesswoman. I wouldn´t like to study at university in the near future because I would like to go into the foreign countries.

1.) Education system in GB, USA, Slovakia:

SVK- The most children of SR attend kinder gardens, they usually stay here from 2 to 3 years and spend here from 6 to 8 hours daily. They play different games, dance, sing, draw, go for walks, different activities, but there are also breakfast and lunch. In the afternoon they sleep. It´s important they meet friends here, help them, they have no problem in primary school. In SVK is compulsory (povinné) education from 6 to 16 years, so children at 6 go to primary school and stay here until they are 15. The fisrt class is very important and everyone remember first teacher and classmates and children are thought they write, read and count. New and new subjects appear such as math, slovak language, physical education, chemistry, biology, foreign languages.. I attend my first teacher- her name was Krasnocvetová. I think, that I was good pupil. I got only good marks. After the primary school you must do extrance exams to secondary schools. The best ones go to grammar school, others go to secondary schools such as technical schools, nurses schools, art schools, or they go to study on apremtis (učňovky). They stay here for 4 years and in finnaly year do
to school living exams (maturita). The best students from grammar schools go to the universities, others go to work. I attend grammar school in RK. I learn subjects such as math, literatury, slovak language, russian and english language, history, biology, physical education. I haven´t favourite subjects, but I don´t like history and
chemistry. I think, that it´s so hard study here. Teachers demanding famous a lot of knowledge. Nearly every day we have some tests. I´m quite good student, but sometimes I´m lazy. After extrance they go to universities, which are in BA, KE, MT, NR, TN, RK. More students can study lawyer (právnik), medicine.. After the first half of studying student can get degree a bachelour, and after finally exams they can get degree a doctor, ingeneer, magister.. I would like to study at Žilinská univerzita in ZA. I want to study informathic.

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