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Generation Gap
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Generation Gap

The relationships between the old and the young generation are the objects of many discussions. The older say that the young people have no sense of responsibility today. They often criticize the way how the young people dress and behave. On the other hand many young people think that the older can't understand them and that they themselves must be absolutely different than their parents. It obviously necessary that there should be more understanding on both sides. The older should remeber how they used to be when they were young. The young should remember that the older have bigger life experiences and that one day they will be in the same situation. The young have their own world of fashion. They often need more money for a new style of jeans, their favourite music Cd's, magazines, discotheques,…
They don't realize the value of money they ask from their parents. I am a teenager too. As many others in my age I have many arguements with my parents too. I respect my parents, but on the other hand I realize I have different opinions of many everyday problems. Which
problems do I mean? The parents should realize that I am not a child anymore. I have grown up. I have different hobbies from those I used to have when I was under ten. I love my parents, but I want them to know that I am different. When we have problems it doesn't mean that we don't like each other. I prefer talking about my problems and I am always ready to explain my parents my opinions or my different views for some situations.
Discussion in each family is very important. I am very thankfull for my great parents. They take always their free time to discuss with me almost everything. And I am sure that if both sides will tolerate each other more the problem of generation gap between two generations will be always smaller.
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