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The word family means relationship between people. They are connected by the marriage. The word kinship is the relationship between parents and their children. There are two types of living together as a family. The first type is the marriage. There are husband and wife. The second type is the cohabitation. People live together without a paper. They can have children. In our societies we live in monogamy families. But there are some countries in the world where men can have several wifes. The most common is the nuclear family. This is a small family where parents and their children live together. That means two generations. The next type is the extended family. There are some relatives, like grandparents, parents, children, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins. There are a lot of single-parent families. It is mainly because of the divorces. When one of the parents is remarried we speak about the step-family. Children have step-fathers or step-mothers.

My family:

I live in a big family. There are 5 members. My father´s name is Karol. He´s 49 years old. He work in Senec in Elektrovod. He´s a welder. His hobby is sleeping, watching TV, listening radio, fishing and work in garden. He hates tiding the house, doing the washing up etc. In my opinion he is as strict as my mother. They allow me to stay out late. My mother is younger than my father. She´s 46 years old. She´s name is Maria. She work in Bratislava. She is a shop assistant. Her hobby is tiding the house, cooking, shoping, cycling, and have a rest after hard work. She hate when house is in the state of complete disorder. My parents make me mad when they tell me what to do, but I help them with pleasure. I´ve got two brothers.

They are older than me. I get on well with my brothers. We don´t argue much about our duties. I hate when they disturbs me. My older brother´s name is Peter. He´s 26 years old. He work in Bratislava in FIDES. He work with drug and during the weekend he study with his girlfriend in Nitra at the Faculty of Philosophy. His hobby is building his dreamhouse. My second brother´s name is Zoltan. He´s 24 years old. He study in Bratislava at University Komensky. He study program. His hobby is sport, traveling and playing PC game. My grandparents are still alive. I visit them during the weekend. They don´t like if I don´t go to church on Sundays. I have a friend. He´s name is Milan. He´s 30 years old. He is a policeman. His hobby is sport, like tennis, fitnes etc. He hate travel to me by bus, just in a car. I love him very much. I think I am facing a happy future with him.

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