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Human Relations
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Human Relations

Good relations are very important for happiness of all people. I think, people would't live without persons, who are close to them. Every person has different relationships during his life, but the first people, who are important for us and who form us are parents and relatives. There are two forms of behaviour between people. First is formal behaviour. Formal relations are between people in the work - between bosses and subordinates, in the school between teachers and pupils. These relations are only on a proffesional base.

Then we know romantic relations, like in a marriage or dating situations. If people stop living together, the decide to officially end the marriage - so they get a divorce. But when two people decide to set up the family, they have to become more responsibility for children and share all problems together. Then we have friend relationships. So when we makefriends, we try to find people with similar hobbies, opinions and solve problems with them. Many people say that people would find for them persons with opposite qualities. Sometimes friendship change into love and some people don't believe that a man and woman can be just a true friends.

People can have whatever live values, for example many people live only for their children - children are their reasons to live and they give them all they want. The most important for younger people is education, then they want to fing a good job, good partner and build the future together.
Less good thing which we can see around us are the racism, hints on other colour of skin, other religions and more. People shouldn't be considered fot better only therefore, that they are white or black. Things which are important are their experiences, knowledge, behaviour to other people and live values. But people can't realize it and they are very intolerance to others. Men think about women, that they are less strong, worse drivers and less intelligent. But some women hate men, too. They establish many unions, like the feminicsm.

So people are rude, because they know nothing about the other person.
In our society are disabled people too. Some disabled people are brilliant thinkers and they are often better people as health people. Some are good performers, actors or sportsmen and we can see them at the Paralympics Games.
The relations between men and women become better today. Women have better jobs, educational opportunities and they are paid better. Women become power in politics, so women have better life than in the past.
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