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New York
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The largest and the most famous U.S.'city is N.Y. in spite of the fact that it is not capital. To say the truth once it was the capital - it was after the War of Independence and it lasted 4 years. The first President was inaugurated there in l780.

N.Y. lays at the west coast of America so in the past it was a gate to U.S. for immigrants who were coming there in l9th and 20th centuries.(During the lack of job opportunities in Europe)

N.Y. is almost 400 years old town with present population of more than l4 milion people. It was originaly called New Amsterdam and it was a little Duch town built on a small part of Manhattan. It was bought from Indians for 24 dollars in goods. Now it is an important seaport with a good connection with inland, the largest business, industrial and cultural centre of U.S, centre of the art world, the media world,the theatre world and the fashion world.

The first thing, that you see comming to America, is Statue of Libety with her torch. It towers on Liberty island, it is 92 metres high - including her pedestrial - and the statue itself weighs 225 tons. This symbol of freedom and democracy was donated to the Americans by France to commemorate the alliance between the USA and France during the American revolution. It's a pity that this statue has serious problems with its skin. It's turning colour. Some parts of the statue is turning black and scientists worry that the statue might soon have holes in its skin. They have two ideas why it is happening. Some of then say salt water is making statue's turning black. Salt water sprays over the statue when the wind blows and some sticks to it. Rain washes away much of the salt but rain doesn't wash salt from some sheltered parts of the statue. It is on these parts that black spots are forming. But other scientists disagree with the salt-water theory. Salt water has been blowing over the statue for more than l00 years but the black spots have begun to appear only in last twenty years. So they conclude that the acid rain si causing the statue' problems.

From this Liberty island you can have another typical and one of the most impressive view of N.Y. City. It is the Manhattan skyline that is dominated by a number of skyscrapers. The tallest of them are Trade Centre Buildings having ll0 storeys. The eight wonder of world is called the Empire State Building. It has l02 storeys and a TV tower at the top.
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