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High Tatras
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Vysoké Tatry - High Tatras

High Tatras - Vysoké Tatry, an area whose natural beauty makes it one of the most remarkable recreation areas not only in Slovakia but in the whole Europe. Among other things, the High Tatras offer exceptionally clean air and a unique climate, leaving every visitor feeling better, especially those who take advantage of the many health spa treatments available. Is there the most beautiful mountain range in Eastern Europe. There are many villages crammed among these mountains, as well as pristine lakes and glistening streams.

Slovakia High Tatras are crying! On November 19, 2004 strong storm and hurricane hit Slovak National Park of High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry) destroying over 100 square kilometers of forests leaving flat land with fallen trees behind. Many roads were blocked and electric power supply was interrupted.

Environmentalists and government officials talk about large-scale catastrophe with impact on nature, forests and climate. Slovak government is preparing to deploy the reserve funds for the High Tatras National Park restoration purposes.
Slovak citizens, individuals, foundations and local governments in other European countries have offered assistance.

Winds of more than 100 miles per hour completely destroyed one quarter of the High Tatras forest on almost 30 thousand acres. In the end this tore down an estimated 3 million cubic meters of wood, roughly equal to one year of the overall timber quota and wood production in Slovakia. It is the worst ecological and natural catastrophe in Slovakia in the last 100 years. It has been estimated that it will take about two to five years to repair the entire damage. The reforestation of the area could take up to 20 years.
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