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Canada is a country which is situated on the American continent. It occupies the northern part of North America. It borders on the USA in the south, on the Pacific ocean in the west, on the Atlantic ocean on the east and on the Arctic ocean in the north. It’s total area is about 10 million square kilometer and it’s the second largest country in the world. Canada has high mountain ranges, such as The Rocky Mountains, the Mackenzie Mountains ant the Melville Hills. The highest mountain is Mt. Logan in the Alaska region. It’s famous for it’s lakes too> Lake Superior, and Lake Erie in the south, and the Slave and Bear Lakes in the north. Unique Niagara Falls are occurred on the order with the USA, they are 49 m high and 1.5 km wide. The climate varies from Arctic climate in the North to moderate climate in the east and west. Canada id divided into 7 regions, each has different landscape and climate: Pacific coast, The Cordillera, The Prairies, The Canadian Shield, The Great lakes, The Atlantic provinces and the Arctic.

Canada has more than 25 million inhabitants. The density is 2 inhabitants per square km. 89 % of the land has no permanent population. The population is concentrated in urban areas mainly along the border with the USA near the St. Laurence River. The Canadian nation consist of Anglo-C, French-C, Canadian Indians and Eskimos. English and French are spoken here, but only 13 % inhabitants are bilingual.

And now some facts about the history of Canada. First inhabitants came here from Asia across the Bering Strait, Vikings were first Europeans who discovered Canada. Jacques Cartier discovered the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Since then the Canadian land was occupied by the French and the British. Canada became a British Dominion and belongs to the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The official head of this state is Queen Elizabeth II., who is represented by Governor general. It’s divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories. The capital is Ottawa and the largest city Toronto.

Canada is very rich country, coal, metal, oil, uranium and gas are found here. machine building and Chemical industry are highly developed. Cars and ships, except for wheat, form the main export. Wheat is grown in prairies, and other products are oats, vegetables. fruits and tobacco. National currency is Canadian Dollar and GDP is over 12 000 $.
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