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Theatres in London
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London has been a center of English drama since it´s first theatre was built by James Burbag in 1576. A great number of Londons theatres are clously grouped in the west end - it is the area around Laicastre square. The royal national theatre complex with it´s theatres is on the south bank near Waterloo bridge while Barbican theatres is the heard of the London.

The oldiest London theatre is The Old Vic /Aldrvych/ near Waterloo bridge. The national theatre is located on the south bank of the river Thames and consist os 3 theatres. The first is called The Oliver with 1160 seats. It was name af the famous actor director and the first principal of the national theatre St. Lavrence Oliver. The second is Lyttelton theatre and third is Lottelston theatre. This theatre has about 400 seats. Is an experimental theatre with the stage in the centre and around it. Barbican centre was opened in 1982. It´s theatre for arts and comferences and currently is the largest in Europe. There is a Barbican hole - the hole of London symphonic orchester. There is also Barbican theatre. In this theatre are 1066 seats and it is also home of royal Shakepear company. There is a studio called The Pit. It has 200 seats. There is also an art gallery, conference hall, 3 cinemas and restaurant. .
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