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London is a capital city of Great Britain, located in sutheastern England on the river Thames. It is one of the World´s most important financial and cultural centers. Central London is divided intro three main areas: The first is the city, the second is the Westminster and the third is the West End. THE CITY is the oldest part of the city with the Tower on the north bank of the Thames, Tower Bridge and st. Paul´s Cathedral. The well – known Trafalgar square is also located here. WESTMINSTER, with the Royal Palaces, Goverment offices, Westminster Abbey is the center of this area. Here is the Poet´s corner – the burial of Englisch poets. Here are too the Houses of Parliament and the residence of the Royal family – the Buckingham Palace.

WEST END is a famous for it´s schops, entertaiment facilities and such well – known streets as Piccadili, Bond Street, Regent´s Street, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street.

Before the time of the Romans there was Celtic settlement. At the time of Roman occupation of Britain in the 1st century AD-/čo to znamená?, v translatóre som to nenašla/. London was already a town consderable /značný/ importance. In the 9th century King Alfred made London his capital of his Kingdom. The development was slow and was repeatedly arrested by wars epidemics and commercial crisis. The city gained it´s world importance in the 16th century after opening of the Royal Exchange by Queen Elisabeth I.
In 1556 duuring the Great Plague, died nearly 70 000 Londoners. The epidemic was followed by the Great Fire at 1666 which destroyed 4/5 of the city. During the World War II the city was heavily bombed Many buildings were cither damaged of destroyed but by the end of the 1950 most of war damage was repaired.
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