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The slovak republik has a moderate climate. A year is divited into 4
seasons: summer, autumn, winter (fall) ans spring. Each season has
about 3 months and is atractive in some way.

SPRING: Begins on 21st March. Nature begins to awake from its long
winter sleep. Nights get shorter and days get longer. There
is more sunshine and it becomes warmer and warmer. Snow
melts. Soon in gardens the first flowers appear: snowdrops,
violets, tulips. The weather in april is changable , the
temperatures are often below zero at night although days
may be quite warm.

SUMMER: June 21st is the date when summer begins. The temperatures
rise to 25°C and rain may have often comes in the form of a storm
(thunderstorm). The sky clouds over,it gets dark and there is often
lighting, thunder and heavy downpour. After the storm a rainbow
may appear.

AUTUMN: On the 23rd of September autumn comes. The nice wheather
breaks although we still enjoy fine days of Indian summer.
In autumn the waether is unsettled, the sky is often cloudy,
it usually doesn´t clear up by day. A temperature continues
to drop, it becomes wet and raining.

WINTER: Comes on December 21st, but it often begins earlier. Typical winter
weather brings snowfall, wind and frost. Sometimes the wind piles
up snowdrifts along the roads. Children can make a snowman,
throw snowballs, they enjoy sledging, skating and skiing. Temperature
sometimes drop to 20°C below zero. The roads become icy slippery.
But as the climate gets warmer we miss a real winter more and more.
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