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Fashion is something, that define what is exactly in. It´s a particular style of clothing, hairstyle, make-up, etc and also an attitude, way of behaving which is popular at a certain time. It has always been important for people.
Fashion was developing step by step. In past it was more limited. In a matter of fact it depended on status in society. Elite people wore splendid clothes and they behave otherwise than poor people, who wore more simple clothes, too. In each of spheres of society the clothes were very analogical. Basically only the colour was changing. In this way it insisted long time. Before the first world war fashion did not change very quickly. Today fashion is changing faster than before. New trends, new styles, new materials come in. Basic rule in clothing today is, that you can wear everything. In spite of that, there are some fashion trends to which people adapt their look and behaving. People have different attitude to fashion. Some have an excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, some don´t conform to fashion. What people are wearing depends on their taste, of course, but on their financial situation, too. Those, who have more money can venture branded clothes and other complements such as shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, scarfs, ties, jewelleries or glasses. Contrarwise, those who don´t have lot of money must subordinate their choice of clothes to this reality. Fashion is not only way of dressing, but also a big business. Fashion designers, models, managers, dress-makers try to make big money with fashion. On fashion parades there are presented the latest fashion trends created by fashion designers. Big fashion shows are more frequent in the cities like Paris, NY, Milan, Düsseldorf etc. It’s attractive for those who are interested in fashion, in business, who have a lot of money and also those who work in mass media. I like fashion....
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