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William Shakespeare biography
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William Shakespeare is one of the greatest dramatists the world has ever had. his works reflect an image of humanity and a love of people and nature, and form an important part of the international heritage. In his own time, one of his great conteporaries called him "the sweet swan of Avon" and said that he was not for one age bt for all time.
W.S.lived ibn the region of Queen Elizabeth 1. He was born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon Avon, as the third child of Mary and John Shakespeare. William was a bright boy, and you can still see the old grammar school where he is thought to have received his education. When he was 18 he married a girl from a nearly village. In course of time his talents made him leave his native town and we meet him in London, the flourishing and prosperous capital city of England. There he joined group of actors.
Soon he was asked by his sompany to help rewrite and adapt earlier plays. later he started to write plays of his own. Guring he wrote about thirty-seven outstanding comedies, romantic comedies, tregicomedies and tragedies, such as "Romeo and Juliet","Hamlet","King Lear","The Merry Wives of Windsor","Twelfth Night","A midsummer Night`s Dream","The Merchant of Venice" and others.
After acting and writing plays in a big city for many years he longed for a quiet life with his family again. As he had made a name and fortune, he could buy fine house in Stratford. he returned home, and we may suppose he lived happily there. In April 1616 he died and was burried in Trinity Church in Stratford.
W. S is the most outstanding and world playwriter who is loved and appriciated because of his many and beautiful play full of images beautiful language lot of wisdom
"Talkers are not good doers" "Something is rottend in the state of Danmark."
"Two women placed together make cold weather."
"Men of a few word are the best men."

The Merchant of Venice
The story of the comedy goes like this:
One man named Bossanio asks his friend Antonio the merchant of Venice for some money so that he can his beloved Portia.But Antonio himself hasn`t got enought money at the moment and to help his friend he goes to jewish money lender Shylock.
Shylock promises to lend the money but only under one condition if Antonio is unable to pay money back a date, Shylock will get a pound of flesh from Antonio`s body. Ships with all Antonios wealth are lost at sea and he can`t pay.
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