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I think, food and eating important part of life. I don't blush, how many people, that I like eating. Good day begin for me with good breakfast with many kind of cheese and salami and with good brad with butter or jam. I like cooking too, but I can't cook so well as my mother, who care about our family. Sometimes cooks father, but he don't like cooking and in accordance with it looks too. So I will continue. If I stay in school, I must have very good lunch, usually I have brad or twist with salami or cheese and as side-dish I have salad.

I forget, that I begin lunch with yogurt, I prefer yogurts with fruit. I drink some soft drink or cafe to lunch. Because I am talkative, I forget to eat sometimes and so I am next lessons very hungry and my collywobbles upsets my schoolmates. I have dinner at home, because I don't like school's meals and my mother is at home. I have very productive dinner, because I go to fitness and so I need a lot of energy. Usually I have some soup such as chicken, potato or tomato and then I have main course such as potatoes or rice with chicken or dumplings with sauce and meat and so on. Sometimes I have dessert - fancy bread, tart or pudding. Afternoon's lunch I haven't got, because usually I am not at home. At six o'clock I have dinner. I have usually brad with something or flakes. So, that's all about my daily eating. Next I will speak about food in foreign countries.

The British like to begin the day with a nice cup of coffee or tea in bed early in the morning. Then they have breakfast, they don't like to hurry. I think, that's good, because our breakfasts are in haste and that's not good for our health. The British have to breakfast juice and cereal (such as cornflakes). They drink many coups of tea or coffee. The midday meal is generally called lunch. Lunch consists of a hot dish (such as soup), salad, ham and cheese sandwiches, pizza and dessert. Around four o'clock it is teatime. While in our country an afternoon snack is not common, in Britain it is a special occasion. The traditional tea consists of thin slices of bread and butter with cheese, fish or ham and jam. Nowadays many people don't eat much at teatime, but they have at least one cup of coffee or tea. The hot dinner which is served around 7 o'clock may have three or four courses.

It consists of soup or some other starter, then the main course (meat and fish with vegetables) which is followed by a dessert and finally cheese and biscuits. In Great Britain we can find differences between regions , for example England and Scotland, but these differences aren't so big. During special occasions such a Christmas, traditional food is served both in Britain and in our country. Fish soup, fried carp and potato salad are commonly made for Christmas. If I speak about me, our family don't eat on Christmas carp, mother namely made fillets with salad. As dessert we have, such as in Great Britain home sweets. When we travelling, we don't eat same meal as during year. Usually we have to eat out, in a restaurant or snack bar.
While is food for us very important, we minimize it often and that's not good for our health. In TV or television we every day hear about fatness. Many people eat a lot of, but they work light - they have sitting-work, such as with computer. This situation isn't good for or health too. I think, it is hard to find ideal situation.
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