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FAMILY- are a people who are socially related to one another. Social relationship might be marriage or cohabitation.

KINSHIP is connections between people they are blood relationship(mother and child)

MARRIAGE is an important when we talking about family life in our society. Legal marriage is the cornerstone of the family group.

HOUSEHOLD is a group people, who have a common residence. There is not any family or kinship relationship between them.

COHABITATION is when two people with children live together without being legally married. Now is the popular choice.

Marriage in our Society tends to be of the serial monogamy type (that is, you can only be married to one partner). In others societies various form of polygamy are practised (when man can be married to more then one woman). Choice of marriage partner is matter of individual choice (fall in love) but arranged marriages are the norm. In the past arranged marriages amongst the upper classes tended to be the norm, because wealthy parent wanted to ensure that their family wealth was not diluted by the son or daughter s inappropriate marriage - someone whose family were not wealthy.


-when three or more generations living in the same household


-two generations of family living in the same household. Family contacts amongst kin (sisters, brothers) are usually weaker and less frequent than amongst members of extended families.


SINGLE- PARENT FAMILIES- is the involve single person plus dependent children. This type of family is sometimes referred-to as a broken nuclear family, as is often arises out of the break-up of a nuclear family.

The presence of this family structure can be attributed to three factors:

-an increase in the numbers of people divorcing
-pregnancy outside marriage
-the dead of a marriage partner


One consequence (dôsledok) of high rates of divorce and remarriage is an increase in the number of families headed by step-mothers and step-fathers. Parents, children of spouse from a first marriage and children from their present marriage.
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