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Development of science and technology
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Many people believe that there are some characteristics of science that make it unique. Scientists are trying to acquire knowledge of the physical world. Word “sience” comes from Latin word for knowing. Scientist study only physical world, because they can learn about it using their five senses, like seeing and hearing. They often use scientific instruments like telescope and stethoscope that can make their senses more powerful. This reveals another characteristic of science – it usually involves doing experiments. Scientists generally share their results with each other and the rest of the world. Their work isn´t considered true knowledge if only one scientist can produce the result. One of most popular conceptions of what makes science different is that it follows the scientific method. This is procedure that is designed to lead to the development of a scientific theory. The method involves asking a question, performing an experiment, gathering observations and coming to conclusions. Its difficult to find a single answer to questions about everything what they studying. But asking questions is an essential part of finding knowledge, in everybody life as well as in science.

1900: Patients battle illness, while doctors can do little more than counsel.
Today: Doctors treat and often cure patients with a vast array of medicines and medical technology. But some diseases are incurable.

1900: The Milky Way is the known universe.
Today: The Milky Way is just one galaxy among countless millions we have observed in universe.

1900: There is no cure for the mentally ill. Mind and body are thought of as two separate things.
Today: Mental illness can be treated with a range of therapies and medications.

1900: The only way to view the Olympic games in Paris is in person. News about games travels to America via telegraph and is printed in newspaper.
Today: Millions worldwide watched the Olympic games in television. We have radio, newspaper, and World Wide Web.

1900: The Earth is thought to be a mere 50 million years old.
Today: The Earth is known to be 4500 million years old.

1927-1945 Flaming discovers penicillin.
1952- Salk produces polio vaccine.
1922- Banting and Best isolate insulin.
1954- First successful kidney transplant performed.
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