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Young people and society
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It is said that youth is the nicest time of one s life. As a young person we are fit, strong and have enough energy to face problems. We don’t think about any problems, but look forward to every day in which we may try something new.

When speaking about young people we should be aware of the fact that there are two different groups of young people: teenagers and those between twenty and thirty.

Teenagers are a special group. They aren’t children any more, yet neither are they adults. They are influenced by their friends, parents, and teachers. As teenagers grow up, they interact with people outside their homes, each becoming an individual person with his own ideals. They want to live independently and often have conflicts with their parents and teachers. They spend most of their time at school or studying for the following school day. In their leisure time they like getting together with friends, playing computer games. Most of them live with their parents. Those teenagers who want to have their own money try to find a part-time job. Some teenagers leave their family at the age of eighteen and live with their friends in rented flats.

Young people between twenty and thirty are a bit different. Most of them have finished school and have found a job, so they are earning a living. They are adults and so they have to find a place to live. Many get married and have children. They organize demonstrations for peace and fight for equality. Many of them work for charities
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