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Avril Lavigne
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Avril does not want to be a typical teen-pop princess. She is a Canadian who loves rock music. She is real but not ordinary.

Avril started to sing when she was two years old. She sang country music. As a ten-year-old girl she started to sing in a church choir. Only a few years later Avril won a grand prize in a local radio station componetion - a trip to Ottawa where she perfomed a duet with country singer, Shania Twain. It was a big sucess for z thirteen – year – old girl. Later on she also started to write songs and play the guitar.

Her breakthrough came when Avril was at high school. Arista Records singned a contract with the teenage wild child before she even recorded a demo.

Together with her older brother, Avril moved to Manhattan, to start her career. Avril did not want to be just a singer, she also wanted to write her own songs. That was her other dream that came true-with Songwriter Cliff Magness, they producer the album „Let Go!“. It was a great hit in summer 2002.

Avril loves playing hockey and baseball. She prefers playing with boys. But her songs are both for boys and girls. And also for adults, because her music is real and honest, it comes from her heart.
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