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William Shakespeare biography
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He was probably the greatest dramatist of the world. He lived and work at the 16th
century in the period of renaissance. In England also called The Elizabethan period. The renaissance Humanists played a great roal in the development of mankind when they acknowledged man as the centre of Universe. The Elizabethan period fluorished with translates from many languages. Many literary genres developed: poetry and above all Brilliant Drama. Also the English language developed in this period.

The life:
William Shakespeare was born probably on 23.4.1564 in a small town of central England called Stratford- upon- Avon. He was one of eight children of a successful tradesman John Shakespeare. Because his father was rich William could get a good education. He attended the local Grammar School in Stratford when he studied Latin, Greek and phylosophy. He left school and his native town very soon- at the aged of 16. He went to London where he spent most of his adventurous life. He became a member of a theatrical company. Starting his career as an actor. Later he became the director of the well- known theatre in London the Globe. He used his experiences as an actor by writting his dramas.
Six years before his death he returned back to his native town to spent to rest of his life. He died in 1616 and he is burried in local church in Stratford. Literary work:
Shakespeare was a poet and a dramatist. He started by writting love sonnets and later dramatical works. His dramas are written in werses.
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