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· the capital city of England
· the population is about 7 milion
· the area is 4 000 sq. km
· it is situated on the river Thames in south – east England
· the largest city of England (the 9th largest city in the world)
· the oldest underground in the world
· a large port

· one of the largest ports and it has the oldest underground in the world
· three airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead Heathrow is the largest airport in Europe
· red double – deckers (in town)
· black taxis

City in the centre of London:
a) The City of London
· the oldest part around St. Paul´s (there are many sights)
· EAST END – dooks and factories
· WEST END – centre for shopping, theatres, cinemas, only rich people live here

The Tower
- was built by William the Conqueror in the
11th century
- crown jewels are kept here
- it was a royal palace, the a prison, a royal
zoo, now it´s a museum
- the quards are called Beefeaters (yeoman) – they were traditional tudor uniforms
- near the Tower is Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
- one of the most famous symbols of London
- was buil in 1894
- it can open in the middle to let large ships go through
- it´s the last bridge across the Tames
- inside its towers is a museum
- there are 27 bridges across the Thames

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