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Paul´s Cathedral
- one of the largest cathedrals in the
- built by Christopher Wren in the 17th
- known for its Whispering Gallery – you
can clearly hear what is whispered on the
opposite side
- princ Charles and lady Diana were
married there

The monument
- commemorates the Great Fire of London (1666)
- a very tall column

b) The City of Westminster
· the centre of political and administrative life
· there are many banks, many outstanding sights

The Houses of Parliament

- are situated on the left bank
of the Tames
- the houses was built in Gothic

Big Ben
- tower of the House of Parliament
- a famous clock – tower with massive bell, made in 1858
- it´s named after a rather fat member of Parliament a minister sir
Benjamin Hall
- tower is 97 metres high

Westminster Abbey

- was built in the 11th century
- many kings and queens were crowned here
- Poet´s Corner – writers, dramatists, scholars, poets are
buried here (for example Isac Newton)

Buckingham Palace
- is the residenc of Queen´s family
- the changing of the guard is a popular event (every day in summer we can see the changing of the guard)
- the Queen Victoria Monument in front of it

Shopping centers of London
- Oxford Street
- Regent Street
- Bond Street
Harots – big department (there buy king´s family)
Next shops – WH Smith, Marks and Spencer,

No. 10, Downing Street
- is the Prime Minister´s residence – Tony Blair

- government offices are situated in this street

Hyde Park
- one of the best – know London parks – there is Speaker´s Corner
- a large green area, you can come and
relax, have picnic, some people go
in the Serpentine (lake) or boating
as well. Lots of people go for long
and jogging here on Sundays
- next parks : Regent´s park( contains London´s ZOO – 6 000 animals),
Kennington Park, Battersea park, St. James´s park( is the oldest one),
Kensington Gardens

The Post Office Tower
- the highest building in Great Britain – nearly 190 m

Museums and galleries :
The National Gallery
- is situated in Trafalgar square
- paintings by great European artists + British paintings and sculptures

The British Museum
- the biggest collection of all kinds of
animals, minerals, rocks

Theatres and music halls :
- there are about 100 theatres in London
The Royal Festival Hall
The Royal Albert Hall the main concert halls
The Queen Elizabeth Hall

The National Theatre
The Old Vic
The Royal Shakespeare Company

Picadilly Circus
-most famous square in London

Trafalgar Square
- there are Nelson´s Column, 2 fountains, pigeons (holubi), meetings and demonstrations

Madame Tussaud´s Museum
- wax figures, famous turist atraction, about 4 000 figures,
for example : John Lenon, V. Havel

- the greatest tennis championship in the world is held there

- international football matches.
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