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Banská Bystrica
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The first settlement goes back to the midlle Paleotic. It’s represented by cave and open-air settlements. The Great Migration of People brought first Slavs to today Slovakia inf the 5th – 6th, century Slovakia became the part of Great-Moravian State. After the Tartar invasion in 1241 the main towns were. Given town rights and privileges to help the economic, social and cultural life.
The central Slovakia as an ore-minig area had a specific position in Central Europe. Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica and Kremnica were its backbone.
Banska Bystrica lies in the very heart of the country on the river Hron. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It has pleasant humid weather which reates good condition for winter sports and summer sports and relaxation.
The first written record of the existence of Banska Bystrica dates from 1255 when Banska Bystrica was granted rights by King Belo IV. to mine gold, silver and other metals. During the Middle Age Banska Bystrica became a member of the Union of Seven Central Slovakian Hinig Towns.
Two influencing people for Banska Bystrica were Juraj Thuryo, a mining entrepereneur and banker Fugger, who established a mining corporation in the 15. – 16. century which brought large profiles to them and town, too. In that time many important and remarkable buildings were built: e. g. the Mattias House, Bastions as part of fortification of town, The Town Hall, The Church of Holly Cross. The conflict between the toron’s interests and the corporations interests caused the miners uprising in 1525. Reformation brought manz changes to churches which passed over to the Catholic and Protestants at the end. During 16th century the castle and gates were rebuilt into fortification. From that town we have town gates – Dolna, Horna, Strieborna, Hronska.
The Clock Tower, the Towar Hall, The Churches were destroyed by fire 1761. Than rebuilt and decorated with frescoes. Manufactural and craft’s production in unbelted to recover its economy growth. In the 19th centrury there were The first Slovak Grammar School teaching and spreading Slovak language.
The Town wall and gatehouses we gradually demolished. Instead of them the new buildings were built: The National House, National Bank and later locks of flats.
Banska Bystrica become The center of Slovak National uprising during The Second World War and now there’s a remarkable museum and memorial in one which attracts many visitors. It’s Museum of SNU /SNP/.
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