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Generation gap
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There must be, at any time, a gap between generations, a lack of comprehension that can be sometimes frustrating for both sides. When we think of this gap, it is usually in terms of the division of interests between parents and adolescent children. This can, however, be extended to three generations: grandparents, their children and their grandchildren.
Arguments between the generations are common enough, especially quarrels about subjects such as lack of responsibility, money, behavior, knowledge and experience.
The elders expect the young to learn how to live within their means, that is, not to waste their money. But who can decide what is or is not necessary, and when the money is misused?
The old often assume that they know best for the simple reason that they have been around a little longer. They do not like when their values are questioned and want the young to respect them. But should the young people blindly accept the ideas and ideals of their elders? Is more age always a reason for respect? Aren’t the children sometimes ashamed of their parents’ behavior?
The comment which is repeated from generation to generation sounds: "The young are not what they were", and there is an urgent need to solve the "youth problem". But, again: Who and what has changed the young? Who is…
The generation gap often causes arguments about behavior (greetings, eating rules, public transport – seating), responsibility (for my study, to keep word, sexual responsibility), lack of experience (ways of getting experience – traveling, jobs, practice, books (theory))

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