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William Shakespeare Hamlet
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Facts about book: Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Hamlet
Publishing: Odeon
Date of published: 1980, Prague

Main idea: My own opinion of still staged play Hamlet in theaters is his still actual theme about human’s qualities like rapacity, treachery without hindrances of using aggress and on the other side avenge and hate.

Settings: The story is from Denmark from 11th century on castle Ellsinore. Prince Hamlet is returning from his studying in England on his father’s funeral. Hamlet is finding out, that killer of his father is present king and husband of his mother Gertrude – Claudius. He wants to avenge murder of his father and he decided to kill Claudius. The whole story is in sad atmosphere.

Visualization: Hamlet - he is a son of killed king of Denmark (symphatic)
Claudio - he is the killer of past king and is present king of Denmark (emphatic)
Gertrude - she is Hamlet’s mother and wife, at first, of killed king and now of Claudio
Ophelia - she is the love of Hamlet’s life and daughter of Polonium (symphatic)
Lacerates - he is Hamlet’s rival and son of Polonium
Polonium - he is an advisor of king Claudio (emphatic)

Personality: Hamlet is young Dane from the king family. He is angry on all people, because he thinks that all are his rivals. His actions are conditioned of avenge and therefore is his fate so tragically. But we can understand his actions; because of he lost everything in his life. If I will be Hamlet, I will do the same but I don’t will be angry on mother.

Tragedy: Ophelia: She became mad after her father’s murder, and makes a suicide on the rocks near the sea, on the place, where she had first seen Hamlet.
(“Oh my God, we know what we are, but we can not know what we were in the future.”- /IV, 5/)
Gertrude: She lost her own control of her body and she confessed her sins. She has died because of poison in wine.
(“Hamlet, you make my heart into 2 halves.” – /III, 4/)

Comment: I have found no comic elements in this work.

Quotation: “To be or not to be!” /V, 3/ – this quotation express the main idea of the whole work and thinking about sense of human life, which loose his right weight in the time of dying.
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