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Red Hot Chili Peppers
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This group arose in 1983 and its members had problems with offices from the beginning. They wrote very vulgar texts, striped naked on the stage and had constant hankies with drugs, alcohol and fannies. The firm EMI attracted in the first place their wild show. The Peppers consisted of a singer Anthony Kiedis (1.1.´62), a bass guitarist Flea (one's own name Michael Balzary; 16.10.´62, Melbourne, Australia), a guitarist Hillel Slovak (13.4.´62; Haifa, Izrael) and a drumist Jack Irons (18.7.´62). But Hillel Slovak died of drug overdose. For Irons, who was the greatest Slovak´s friend, it was a heavy blow and he deserted the Peppers. The guitarist John Frusciante (5.5.´70) was only 17, when he joined the group. And to the drums sat Chad Smith from Deitroit. This best-know configuration of the Peppers (Anthony, Flea, John and Chad) released the fifth album "Mothers Milk", which was presented to Hillel, in autumn ´89. "Blood Sugar Sex magic" arose under the new company Warner Bros in ´92. It had great success and got a platinium. Mainly by means of hits "Give it away" and "Under the Bridge". John didn´t endure constant concerts and he was replaced by the other guitarists (f.e. by Arik Marshall, Zander Schloss or Jesse Tobias). Eighth guitarist of the Peppers Dave Navarro (7.6.´67) from the Jane´s Addition was very constructive and fetterless. Dave´s first show with the RHCP was "Woodstock 94", where the Peppers were dressed like bulbs. The last successful album "One Hot Minute" (´95) contained hits "Warped", "Aeroplane" or "My Friends". John, who was deprived of drug addiction, came again in April ´98. Then this quaternion shot the comeback "Californication" during only two weeks. The album got a platinium desk and contained a lot of famous songs, f.e. "Scar Tissue", "Around the world", "Otherside", "Californication" or "Road Trippin". The latest sensation this year is "By the Way". Its singels are playing on every radio.
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